Verbale Pupiller was held the first time in the fall of 2007. This year the second round will take place on 22-25 October 2009 in the Aarhus Art Building. The event features a poetry festival, a publishing fair, as well as an art exhibition, and this year Verbale Pupiller presents 30 poets, 30 artists, and 30 small presses from all over Scandinavia. The event comprises a variety of readings, performances, an art exhibition, a seminar, a book fair, concerts, and much more.


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oetry Festival >

Verbale Pupiller (trans. Verbal Eyes) is an international festival of new poetry. It was originally founded as a Scandinavian venture, however we undertake not to limit ourselves by geographical matters, precisely because poetry itself has no limits - it is always on the move. The new cannot be contained or fixed, and it should be seen as a continuous movement, as poetry moves from one discourse to another, shuffling between other media and other art forms, between thought or object, or simply between people. The festival considers matters such as, what is the status of poetry in contemporary society, what influences contemporary poetry, and how does it influence the world around it?


Participating poets:

Khal Allan (Denmark), Lene Asp (Denmark), Annelie Axén (Sweden), Charles Bernstein (USA), Ann Cotten (Germany), Er de Sjældne (Denmark), Tua Forsström (Finland), Niels Frank (Denmark), Claus Handberg (Denmark), Johan Jönson (Sweden), Karl Larson (Sweden), Ursula Andkjær Olsen (Denmark), Thorodur Poulsen (Faeroe Islands), Cia Rinne (Finland), Palle Sigsgaard (Denmark), Morten Søndergaard (Denmark), Anja Utler (Germany), Jan Erik Vold (Norway), Peter Waterhouse (Austria), Rom Winkler (Germany), Eiríkur Örn (Iceland) - and more to come …


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Verbale Pupiller is an attempt to expand, and indeed widen, the dialogue on forms of literature and art that are often considered narrow. Therefore, in order to underscore the very themes of intermediality and versatility, Verbale Pupiller presents a variety of separate events – an art exhibition, a book fair, a seminar, concerts, performances, etc. – that each take a different approach to addressing the matters at hand.


ublishing Fair >

Verbale Pupiller is a publishing fair for small or medium-sized publishing houses as well as various Scandinavian periodicals, all of which deal with different art forms and different circumstances surrounding art. They are brought together owing to their focused thematic intersections and shared solidarities. One common feature is that they all proceed, more or less explicitly, from a wish for independence and idealism, and they actively seek out possibilities for implementing just that. Thus, we are dealing with participants who wish to establish an alternative to the existing cultural orbit and the current public sphere. Many of the participating small presses and periodicals are artist-run platforms for the production and distribution of artistic material, and the exhibitors all work primarily within the realm of the visual arts and/or literature. They thus position themselves somewhere between art and the act of communication - and therefore attending such exhibitions and book fairs is a significant way for the artists to meet and interact with their audiences


Participating publishing houses and publishers:

Apparatur, Arena, ARK, A Shoal of Mackerel, * [asterisk], Bokbål, Dada Invest, diafrag art & publishing, Distribusjon, Den blå port, Edition, Edition After Hand, Fingerprint, Forlaget Attåt, Geiger Records, hurricane publishing, Koordinat, Kønst, Litlive, OEI, OEI editör, Rönnels Antikvariat, Space Poetry, Standart, Torpedo - and more to come ...


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he Art Exhibition >

Verbale Pupiller is an art exhibition with art works by 28 Danish and foreign visual artists. In their works these artists operate with “book-ness” as a common thematic, which is presented in the shape of texts, “book-likeness”, narration, and so on. They draw references to the book itself, to literature, to writing, and thus also to the overall event of Verbale Pupiller. The exhibition is organized according to various systems and principles that are, perhaps, not always quite so easily discerned. The set-up calls to mind the ways in which books are placed, displayed, and arranged, and the exhibition comes to resemble the experience of walking along a lengthy bookcase: While looking for something specific and familiar, you might be distracted and stumble across unfamiliar things and unexpected newness.


Exhibiting artists:

Monica Aasprong, Jacob Borges, Anders Bonnesen, Jan Bäcklund, Jesper Fabricius, Signe Frederiksen, Gudrun Hasle, Ulrik Heltoft, Peter Holst Henckel, Kasper Hesselbjerg, Hilarius Hofstede, Amel Ibrahimovic , Elsebeth Jørgensen, Jane Jin Kaisen, Jeuno JE Kim, Jacob Nielsen & Jonas Seeberg, Jørgen Michaelsen, Lasse Krog Møller, Karen Petersen, Anne-Mette Schultz, Kirstine Strømberg, Torben Ribe, Cia Rinne, Svend-Allan Sørensen, Christian Vind, Anders Visti and Pernille Kapper Williams.




Litteraturen på Scenen & Forlaget * [asterisk] præsenterer Verbale Pupiller - poesifestival, publikationsmesse & udstilling Århus Kunstbygning d. 22-25 oktober 2009
Team VP.:
Mathias Kokholm (stifter af VP, kunstnerisk & administrativ leder)
Mads Mygind (stifter af VP & kurator af poesifestival)
Christoffer Ugilt Jensen (stifter af VP & kurator af poesifestival)
Anders Visti (kurator af udstilling & publikationsmesse, samt webansvarlig)
Lasse Krog Møller (kurator af udstilling & publikationsmesse, samt layoutansvarlig)
Århus Kunstbygning
Lyd + Litteratur

Århus Universitet
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Edition After Hand
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